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  • $25 to receive a standard non-NFA firearm, includes outgoing CBI Instachek fees.
  • $10 discount for paid NRA or RMGO members – 1 X year only.

NFA Firearms Transfer Fees for Form 4 to Individual or NFA Trust:

  • Silencers, SBRs, AOW - $100
  • Machine Guns - $200


  1. Shipping FFL dealer to send email to advising of pending transfer. We will forward MES’ FFL directly to that dealer.
  2. Once the firearm arrives, we will notify intended recipient.
  3. We are facilitating courtesy transfer only, at minimal cost. MES will not be responsible for loss or damage to any articles being held pending transfer.We will of course exercise reasonable care. Firearms being held for transfer will not be handled except to open to inspect and verify serial number.
  4. Pickup arrangements will be by appointment only, at the MES licensed premises. We will then transfer the firearm from our storage facility to the office prior to the appointment.Firearms pending transfer are not kept at our office outside of business hours.
  5. Please allow adequate time for a background check to clear once you fill out the Form 4473 – at least one hour should be budgeted, although most often CBI is faster than that. Alternatively, you can complete the form and either return later that day for pickup, or on another day.
  6. Transfers will be made only in strict accordance with Colorado and Federal Laws and Regulations. Transferees must be legally eligible to receive firearms in Colorado. Straw purchasers will not be tolerated. If you are not sure you can pass a background check, please verify your status BEFORE having any guns shipped to us.